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Welcome to Radio Bijoux!

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Radio Bijoux has been around on and off for more than a decade now, and just refuses to go away. Throughout all of that time, the station and the websites have undergone a number of changes to keep pace with the latest developments in the interwebs. This iteration continues that trend...

We'd like to introduce you to all of the latest features and acquaint you with some of our policies and objectives. Radio Bijoux is and always will be free to join. You don't even need to create an account to tune in. Just enjoy the music! However, if you want to join us in our chat rooms and meet all of our other friends, then you'll need to register an account on our site. We do require that all members be at least 18 years of age on the date that they register an account. That's about the only requirement we have, other than it helps to love music and enjoy listening to it with your friends here.

Now for the features....

First and foremost, as mentioned, tuning in to our internet radio station only requires you to click the Tune In! link on our home page. Nothing more. The player will open in a pop-up and you'll need to click the play button to begin listening. (This is to keep from blasting you with tunes before you've had a chance to adjust the volume.) The player will remain open until you choose to close it, so you can simply head over to your favorite websites while you listen. But we know you'll want to hang out with us once you've joined us in our chat rooms.....

Speaking of our chat rooms, we've got an awesome video chat system here that will allow you to create your own unique user experience, ...

Our video chat is an HTML5 chat system that requires no flash or other plugins and works on every browser out there in addition to almost every phone, tablet and other mobile device. All without any need for apps or software. Just connect with us on our site, pop into chat and begin enjoying! How easy is THAT???

You WILL need an account and will need to be logged in before you try joining our chat. The chat DOES require an account but is 100% FREE to use.

When the chat window opens, you'll have the chance to select a room to join. Our lobby is the place to get to know our chat system a little and hang out with folks who don't want to join us in our radio (music) chat room(s). There is no radio player in the lobby unlike our music chat rooms where we have a radio player set up to immediately begin playing when you enter a room. (you can stop or mute the player if you'd like). As a member, you may also create your OWN private chat rooms, either permanent or just while you're visiting the site. If you'd like your own permanent chat room, just ask us and we'll set one up for you. You'll be able to administer it, create moderators, etc. If you have your own favorite radio station, we can place a player link in your room so that you have the ability to listen to your own station if you wish. (Permanent rooms only).

There are a LOT of features in our chat rooms, so you'll want to play around and discover everything you can do while you're here. Feel free to ask any other users how to do stuff. Almost everything is customizable. Some of the features are private 1 on 1 chats, the ability to control who sees you, privacy settings for your account and much more.


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Alan Womack

I'm the site designer and co-owner of Radio Bijoux, along with the beautiful Bijoux.  We enjoy music so much that we had to create our own station years ago just so we could DJ whenever we wanted.  We look forward to having YOU at our next show!

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