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New artist Steve O'Connor

Steve O'Connor is a new singer/songwriter hailing from Liverpool, England.  His new album, "The Messenger" should put him on the radar as a musician going places in a hurry.  Our show will feature commentary about the album and songs from Steve..  get to know him a little!  Be sure to tune in Sunday, April 4th at 4 PM so you don't miss a single song from his new album and can say YOU WERE THERE when Steve first hit the airwaves!

Find out more about Steve O'Connor at his website HERE

Hot New Music Part 1 Steve O'Connor's "The Messenger"


New Album from Brice Street!

Brice Street is a well-known band hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina and has been playing and touring since the 1970's.  Now they've come out with a NEW ALBUM, "Wear and Tear" which is being released very soon, and you get a sneak preview of it here on Radio Bijoux!  Tune in and be sure to be here Sunday, April 4th at 5 PM for the full album with commentary from the band.  And don't miss the FULL show beginning at 4!   
You can order the new CD on their website, in the Store. Available as a physical CD or digital download. 


Find out more about the band at

Hot New Music Part 2 Brice Street's "Wear And Tear"